Kyle Rittenhouse judge spotted reading cookie catalogue during trial

Kyle Rittenhouse judge spotted reading cookie catalogue during trial

A photo that shows the judge in Kyle Rittenhouse’s homicide trial taking a time-out to read a cookie catalog has been making the rounds on Twitter.

Twitter user, David Hookstead (@dhookstead), turned to the platform with the tweet: “The highlight of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial BY FAR was when the judge was just casually reading a catalog to order cookies”.

Some users were convinced the image was photoshopped, but it was actually genuine after streaming of the court case showed the moment Judge Bruce Schroeder pulled out the magazine during a break. Schroeder was captured examining the book for a few minutes towards the end of his ten-minute break.

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The image stirred up quite the reaction on Twitter, with some users accusing it as a portrayal of a win for the defense. “He’s thinking ‘yawn, why is he even being prosecuted ...damn those oatmeal raisin cookies look delish’”.

One user was quick to highlight the “unprofessional mess” of the trial. “This has been the most unprofessional mess since the picking of the jury,” they said, “They have had a year to get their sh*t together and they are still discovering things as the trial is moving forward. It’s pathetic.”

While another jumped to the defense of the judge, “Technically, the court was still on their 10 min. break. Cookie shopping is good use of his free time,” they said.

Kyle Rittenhouse testified on Wednesday about how he shot three men during a protest against police brutality in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year.

He has pleaded not guilty against multiple charges and argued that the men attacked him and he fired in self-defense.

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