Kyle Rittenhouse shares meme of himself crying about 'Biden's gas prices'

Kyle Rittenhouse shares meme of himself crying about 'Biden's gas prices'
Jury Finds Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty on All Counts

19-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who was recently acquitted of five charges related to the killing of two men, has caused outrage after he posted a meme regarding gas prices ... using footage from his trial.

Rittenhouse shared the video, made by @drefanzor, on Twitter poking fun at gas prices and President Biden. "No, it’s not Lemon Heads.. it’s the burning hole in my pocket thanks to a Joe Biden presidency.." Rittenhouse wrote in the tweet.

The video features footage of Rittenhouse infamously hyperventilating while standing trial for the Kenosha unrest shooting incident. Rittenhouse shot and killed two men, 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum and 26-year-old Anthony Huber, with a semi-automatic AR-15.

The 'Lemon Head' is a reference to a tweet NBA player LeBron James made while Rittenhouse was on trial. James accused Rittenhouse of faking his tears saying, "What tears????? I didn’t see one. Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court."

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The meme splices the video of Rittenhouse to make it appear he is filling up a gas tank at a gas station.

Soaring gas prices have been a point of contention for Americans since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. When the US began cutting ties with Russia, gas prices surged around the world.

Like Rittenhouse, many people are blaming Biden for the rising fuel costs.

But Rittenhouse's dig at Biden did not seem to resonate well with people on Twitter. Many called the use of his trial footage for the sake of a joke tasteless.

"Kyle Rittenhouse posted this in an attempt to disparage gas prices under Biden. All he’s managed to do is make himself look like even more of a a liar and psychopath by sending a big “f*ck you” to the families of the people he killed," Shari said on Twitter.

"Man it’s almost like Kyle Rittenhouse was faking that crying at trial, now he gets to sh**post about gas prices after murdering two people," another Twitter user said.

Although Rittenhouse was acquitted in the trial, citing self-defense, he still faces a civil lawsuit by the family of Huber.

Note: This story was corrected on March 21. An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two Black men. Both victims were white.

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