Labour is trolling Boris Johnson with this hilarious 404 error page

Labour has a new “page not found.”

The opposition party appears to have expanded its repertoire of ‘oh snap!’ –style criticisms of Boris Johnson, this time using the website error page.

If you head over to the Labour party website and look for something that is no longer there, you will be confronted by an error page that reads the following:

Oops! Page not found.

Just like the Prime Minister, this page appears to be missing.

Fortunately, Labour’s got a plan to build a Britain for the many, not the few.


(Picture: Labour website)

The page also has a link back to Labour’s manifesto.

Boris Johnson is currently attempting to deal with the political backlash generated after his decision to suspend parliament.

The prime minister has been warned to “keep his nose out” of the Supreme Court case after he filed a written submission telling judges they have “no jurisdiction” over his suspension of parliament.

The prime minister warned the judges they risk “entering the political arena” ahead of the second day in the landmark hearing, but Labour accused him of “finger wagging” interference.

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