Employees shocked as boss surprises them with trip to Ibiza to see ...

A woman was left humiliated after filming a “day in the life” vlog of her work day only to go into the office and be laid off.

Ashleigh Carter was a former employee at the media company Barstool Sports and had began filming a vlog documenting her work day. But, what she didn’t realise was that she was actually filming her last commute to work.

Text overlay on the clip read, “Day in the life: girl who just got laid off”. Carter explained: “This video is honestly f***ing hilarious now because I filmed this ‘spend a day in my life with me’ and I had no idea what was to come when I got to the office today.”

The series of short video clips began with one of Carter doing her hair and getting ready for work. Next, it showed her walking to catch the train to the office.

Carter continued to speak over the clips, joking: “Yeah, we made it into the city of dreams that are crushed and sometimes hopeless, you never know.”

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I always said I liked surprises. #unemployed #laidoff #fyp #ReTokforNature

Carter poked fun at her “blissful ignorance”, saying, “Oh, I’m just awaiting the review I thought I had scheduled” as she sat at her desk.

She went on: “Haha just kidding, I got laid off. Here’s me crying because I just lost my job, and I walked home to Brooklyn.”

Many TikTok users in the comments shared their sympahties and reassured Carter that the same had happened to them and they went onto bigger and better things.

One person wrote: “when i got fired i walked all the way home instead of taking the train. its a mood.”

Another said: “Been there too - during the pandemic and I went into shock lol - but it was blessing in disguise! Sending you good vibes!!”

Someone else commented: “God damn I remember when this happened to me. Freaking devastating I’m so sorry.”

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