Alan Dershowitz reportedly lobbied Trump to pardon Ghislaine Maxwell before trial

We finally have confirmation that Larry David did, indeed, brand Alan Dershowitz “disgusting” after bumping into him at a grocery store in Martha’s Vineyard.

The story first emerged that the comedy great had accosted his erstwhile friend for his ties to Donald Trump’s administration a year ago but no less an authority than Dershowitz has now confirmed this wasn’t an apocryphal tale.

In an interviewer with The New Yorker, the infamous lawyer explained:

“I was having lunch with a very radical lawyer who loves me. I mean, he disagrees with me. We argue all the time... So I was having lunch with him and then a number of other people were there. Suddenly, Larry David walks in to buy some groceries. I say, 'Hey. Hi, Larry,' and he turns away, and he just walks away. I say, 'Larry, can’t we at least talk?' He said, 'No. You’re disgusting.'”

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Apparently the Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm legend was particularly irked by footage of Dershowitz patting Mike Pompeo on the back after Trump praised him for banning an NPR reporter from his plane. The lawyer continued:

“He called me disgusting, and he said he could never talk to me. Here’s a guy who used to come to our house to work out in the gym. He would come to our house for dinner two or three times a summer. We’re friends. I represented him twice pro bono. Suddenly, just because of that and because, obviously, my defence of Trump, that has happened.”

This is all upsetting enough for Dershowitz to say he’s no longer able to watch Curb because, “The Larry David that’s in “Curb Your Enthusiasm” is not a fictional character. He’s the real Larry David, that curmudgeon, the nasty guy.”

It might be bad news for the man who defended Jeffrey Epstein and O.J. Simpson but for the rest of us it can be best described as pretty, pretty good.

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