A scene from The Last of Us is the internet's new favourite meme

A scene from The Last of Us is the internet's new favourite meme
Top Things You Missed in The Last of Us Episode 6

There comes a time in every successful TV show’s life when the internet takes hold of a scene and turns it into a meme.

And that time has come for The Last of Us.

The widely popular apocalypse show on HBO has fans at the edge of their seat every week to see how Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) will take on a new feat while making their way across the country.

In episode six, Kin, which aired Sunday night, viewers got a more in-depth look at Joel’s declining mental health as he faces painful memories of his daughter, Sarah, while trying to protect Ellie in the search for the Fireflies.

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At several points in the episode, Joel has a panic attack and needs to find physical support and he tries to calm himself down.

And while the context may be grim, many online found the stills of Joel visibly panicking very relatable.

Users cut together three images from the episode and turned them into a meme.

Many used their version of a stressful scenario to joke about their version of anxiety compared to Joel, a person surviving a zombie apocalypse who is also in charge of bringing a 14-year-old girl to safety.

The Last of Us is based on a video game of the same name. The show and game take place in a fictitious future where a fungal infection has taken over humans, turning them into flesh-eating half-dead creatures.

Rightfully so, Joel has an extremely stressful job navigating the world while bringing Ellie, who may be the key to curing the virus, to safety.

But just because we’re not living in that reality doesn’t mean we can’t relate to his intense panic attacks.

Sending emails is scary.

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