Lea Thompson has hilarious reaction to 'Back to the Future' prop being 'found' in Trump's home

Lea Thompson has hilarious reaction to 'Back to the Future' prop being 'found' in Trump's home
Trump being investigated under Espionage Act after FBI seize ‘top secret’ documents ...

Back to the Future star, Lea Thompson has had a hilarious reaction to a viral joke about an item from the sci-fi trilogy was found by the FBI in Trump's Mar-A-Lago mansion.

If you don't know already the FBI raided Trump's luxury complex in Florida earlier this week in search of classified documents that Trump allegedly took from the White House. Trump later revealed that he'd had the documents 'declassified' in order to take them home with him. The former president is now being investigated under the Espionage Act.

The huge story as inevitably produced lots of memes mocking Trump and his family and imagining what the FBI might have found in the Florida mansion.

One of the best jokes doing the rounds is a very simple one. All it says is that the FBI found a copy of 'Gray's Sports Almanac' in Trump's safe.

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If you haven't seen Back to the Future: Part 2 and are a bit confused about what the Sports Almanac is then allow us to explain. The book is the main MacGuffin in the second film of the Back to the Future franchise. In the film, Marty McFly buys the book from the year 2015 (remember this film came out in 1989), which features the results for every major sporting event between 1950 and 2000.

However, Doc Brown warns Marty against profiteering from time travel and due to a series of circumstances, the book ends up in the hands of the franchise's villain Biff Tannen in the year 1955. Biff then goes about placing bets using the almanac and thus becomes one of the wealthiest and most corrupt me in America (remind you of anyone). He also murder's Marty's father and marries his mother Lorraine, played by Lea Thompson.

With all this in mind, it's no wonder that Thompson was aghast at the thought of Trump having the book in his possession.

61-year-old Thompson also starred in Howard The Duck, Some Kind of Wonderful, Red Dawn, All the Right Moves and The Beverly Hillbillies. Her children Madelyn and Zoey Deutch have also gone into the world of acting.

Meanwhile, a Trump supporter has since been shot and killed for trying to attack an FBI building in Ohio and die-hard MAGA loyalists are trying to start a civil war. Sounds like something from a movie...

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