Trump fanatics are flooding TikTok with threats of a civil war

Trump fanatics are flooding TikTok with threats of a civil war
Armed Trump supporters protest outside of FBI office in Phoenix following Mar-a-Lago ...

Die-hard loyalists to Donald Trump are flooding TikTok with threats the start a civil war after the former president's Mar-A-Lago complex in Florida was raided by the FBI.

The 45th POTUS's home was raided by the FBI earlier this week under the suspicion that he took classified documents from the White House which were indeed found in Trump's home. He has since claimed that he had had the documents declassified.

Trump is now under investigation that he broke the Espionage Act but some of his most fierce supporters are refusing to recognise that their former leader did anything wrong.

As reported by Daily Dot, a thread by the left-wing blogger @LivingBlueTX, numerous Trump loyalists have taken to TikTok, armed with weapons, making references to violence and an uprising against this government.

In one video a man with ammunition and rifles laid out on his bed says: "Yea, it’s go time. Everyone knows exactly what I’m talking about."

Another man says: "I don’t need sheep on my page, I need wolves that will stand with me so that we might fight this corrupt government, these corrupt cops, every fucking corrupt person in this country and bring our country back to the glory it once was."

A third man rather bluntly says: "It's time to takeover the f**king the government."

An older man, who says that he is "almost 62 years old" says that he is starting to think that he might die while "engaged in battle with his fellow man."

One woman openly says that she "accepts your civil war."

The thread has more than 30 posts and all feature videos of Trump supporters saying similar things. Many of the people in the video repeat a conspiracy theory about the IRS coming to raid their homes.

This is off the back of a new climate, healthcare, and tax package that was passed by the Senate last week and will give the IRS $78 billion over the course of the next 10 years. The theory is also linked to a Treasury Department estimation from 2021 that the IRS could hire 87,000 new employees by 2031 but there is no indication that they would be armed agents who would be raiding people's homes.

The backlash against the raid on Trump has already begun after a man was shot and killed after attempting to stage an attack on a FBI building in Ohio. The man was later identified as Ricky Shiffer, a conspiracy theorist who regularly posted on Trump's Truth Social app.

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