Led By Donkeys video calls out government for failing to sanction Roman Abramovich

Led By Donkeys video calls out government for failing to sanction Roman Abramovich
Sunflowers put outside Russian Embassy in London as sign of peace

As Russia has invaded Ukraine under the orders of its leader Vladimir Putin, the rest of the world has reacted.

Attempts to economically cripple the Kremlin and restrict Putin’s ability to fund the war have been made with sanctions to super-wealthy Russian oligarchs and Russian banks.

So far, the UK government has sanctioned 13 Russian oligarchs with asset freezes and travel bans and has also barred Russian banks from using the SWIFT financial messaging system.

Elsewhere in Europe, France has seized a luxury yacht linked to Igor Sechin, the CEO of Russian oil company Rosneft.

But while sanctions have been made by the UK government, Labour leader Keir Starmer has criticised the slow speed at which they are being implemented.

Starmer also questioned why the owner of Chelsea Football Club Roman Abramovich has not yet been sanctioned.

Now, the political campaign group Led By Donkeys have also pointed out the same issue in a viral video, captioned: “In France and Germany they're seizing super-yachts. In London... nothing.”

In the clip, a man can be seen approaching a gated home with cream walls and black railings. On one of the pillars by the entrance, he sticks a blue plaque to it.

The plaque reads: “Billionaire Putin crony Roman Abramovich 1966~ lives here. It’s worth £150m but the government won’t seize it.”

The video has been praised by those who also question why this particularly well-known oligarch has so far avoided sanction.

On Wednesday, Russian billionaire Abramovich announced he is selling Chelsea FC, after buying the club in 2003 for £140 million.

One person wrote: “In case the British government doesn't know where to find him.”

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Another said: “The size and grandeur of this property in Kensington Palace Gardens is in inverse proportion to the smallness and nastiness of the individual who inhabits it, the happy beneficiary of a country that would almost certainly shoot a man dead for doing this.”

Someone else wrote: “I f@cking LOVE Led By Donkeys!!! Taking action where the Tories fail to.”

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