Woman who runs $200M company portfolio sparks debate after sharing 'insane' schedule

Woman who runs $200M company portfolio sparks debate after sharing 'insane' schedule
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A businesswoman who claims to run a $200m business portfolio has been mercilessly mocked after revealing her daily schedule.

Leila Hormozi, a managing partner and CEO of business investment company, shared what she does on a daily basis in a Twitter thread, calling it an “insanely boring” routine.

In the first tweet, she wrote, “I'm 30 years old. And I run a $200M portfolio of businesses. This is my daily routine:” and shared a screengrab of her calendar.

She continued in the thread, explaining that her schedule was not “woke” and does not include things like journaling or ice baths.

Hormozi wrote: “I wake up at about 4 or 5AM. From there I don't check email or social media.

“Instead, I grab a cup of coffee, and get to my deep work. This lasts for a couple of hours. I typically focus on the hardest/most important stuff first.”

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She added that she considered the schedule to be 'insane' as well as 'insanely boring.'

But, it wasn’t long before sceptical readers took a closer look at her calendar and noticed multiple two-hour blocks set aside for workouts or walks, and dinner every night.

One person wrote: “zero respect for professional meeting-havers who try to convince themselves their jobs are important in any way. be grateful you're getting six figures to play on the computer all day and inconvenience people who are actually doing work.”

Another pointed out: “Everyone is talking about how she only has 5 hours blocked out for actual work, but the less appreciated thing is she took this screenshot in the middle of a ‘diligence review’ that was also double booked with a YouTube video.”

Someone else said: “Looks like you work 4 hours max a week.”

“This is literally just a regular 9-5, with filler like your workouts, gym and dinner to make it look more impressive. 2 hours of deep work (i.e. regular work) and the rest is meetings. Lol,” another person mocked.

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