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A Reddit user has taken to the platform to voice her frustration after being sent a message from her letting agent telling her that the house she rented 'could be cleaner'.

The woman from Australia claimed the email she received was “extremely rude”, telling her to clear an upcoming expectation from the landlord as it was “untidy”.

The message said that the biggest problem was "clothes on the floor".

Taking to Reddit, the woman said she was annoyed with being told to keep the house looking like a show property in a post titled "is it just me or is this extremely f***ing rude from the real estate? Sick of this, it is our HOME”.

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According to the woman, the email she received said: "The owner is in town and wishes to see the unit herself. Can we please book the inspection for Tuesday between 0900 - 1200? We will confirm a specific time closer to the date.

"During the inspection, we noted that the bedrooms are untidy, clothes on the floor, spiderwebs near the balcony doors, and the bathroom and shower area could be cleaner. I would suggest you tidy the place so it's better to present to the owner. Thank you for your co-operation."

The "rude" email was covered in the lengthy Reddit postPixabay/PhotoMIX-Company

The woman explained that the house wasn’t untidy and only showed the usual signs of a house being lived in.

Adding her side of the story, she said: "We've been living here for two years and there has been so much water damage to the property and other issues surrounding that. Last week, they wanted to come and do a 'valuation' - not an inspection.

"As we are really busy people right now having a lot going on with work, we didn't clean and prepare for this like we usually would for an inspection. However, the apartment is by no means dirty, it's just untidy - there are clothes horses around and the benches need a proper wipe. They could see from the last inspection not long ago that we take very good care of the home and they would have photos,” she added.

"Then we receive this email. Actually f**k off. We don't live in a display home, this is our home, so there will be washing piles and sometimes make-up on the bathroom counter."

Taking the comments, the woman then shared the email she sent back.

It read: "Just to note, as we are very busy people with a lot going on, the apartment will not always look like a display home and will at times look lived in.

"As this previous visit was termed an 'appraisal' and not an official inspection - we didn’t take the time to make it aesthetically pleasing for you and as such, you caught us in between our cleaning and tidying cycles.

"I apologise if this email has come off confrontational, this is not my intention, however, we found your comments quite rude and as such just wanted to clarify that if it had been made clear that this was an inspection, then we would have made a concerted effort to have the unit tidier for your viewing."

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