Limb-lengthening procedure costing £50,000 can add inches to your height

Limb-lengthening procedure costing £50,000 can add inches to your height

If you’ve ever fancied adding a few inches to your height, you’re in luck. Thanks to science, there’s now a modern and innovative approach to cosmetic limb-lengthening that can bump you up several inches.

Several surgeons across the US offer the surgery and of course, it comes at an eye-watering cost of around £50,000.

LimbPlastX in Las Vegas specialises in the niche procedure. The extra inches are achieved by “safely lengthening the femur (thigh bone) or tibia (lower leg bone).” A device is then inserted into the leg bones that “slowly stretches them out” through an external remote control. At the press of a button, patients can increase their height by 1mm a day.

Surprisingly, patients can get back to their regular routine and activities within a couple of weeks.

“I feel like I am in complete harmony. My torso and lower body proportions are much better, and they look more adequate, in my opinion,” patient Irving Rodríguez said, according to Lad Bible.

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“Other than my wardrobe that fits much better, I do feel a sense of better social acknowledgement.

“Overall, it has given me a huge boost in confidence personally and professionally.”

He added that it took about six months to heal and that he can “sometimes feel the rigidness as I continue the lengthening process”.

“Initially, it was one of the most painful experiences in my life, as with any surgery, but the pain became very manageable with proper medication and therapy.”

Meanwhile, if surgery is not your thing, one doctor took to TikTok to share a handful of tips to get taller. Dr Brian Boxer Walcher suggested that only 60 per cent of height is genetics, meaning that the other 40 per cent is things that you can do at home.


Reply to @drippy_moises Is height all genetics or can you do something to get taller? #taller #growtaller #growth #doctorsoftiktok

He suggested that acquiring “eight to nine hours” of sleep per night is essential “because that’s when you’re body releases growth hormones and that’s when you grow.”

Dr Walcher then explained that drinking cow’s milk “actually increases growth hormone too and also helps teenagers grow.” Surprisingly, lifting weights and having a good posture are also factors.

“Doing all these things, nobody can say whether you’re going to get to the height that you want to achieve.

“But at least we know from medical studies that these things can help”, he added.

Indy100 has reached out to LimbPlastX for comment.

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