CEO posts crying selfie on LinkedIn after laying off employees

A viral TikTok posted by a LinkedIn employee showing her work day has sparked debate around office perks.

The video was shared by LinkedIn tech worker Natasha Badger who shared a day in the life of a colleague at the company’s Chicago office.

In the clip, viewers could see the number of free perks and office add-ons available to employees, sparking debate in the comments.

Beginning the video, Badger arrived at the office where eucalyptus towels and fresh orange-infused water were available in the lobby to freshen up with.

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Next, she got breakfast consisting of a bowl of oatmeal and a bowl of chia seed pudding and a hot drink.

Ahead of a meeting, she grabbed the “drink of the day” – a blackberry mojito – before then getting a complimentary lunch and chai latte afterwards.

Then, she watched her colleagues play ping pong and then tried out a new quiet room where you can “relax and unplug”. Badger then did some work and got some more snacks to keep her going.

The clip has been viewed 1.2 million times and sparked debate around how much work actually gets done in offices like it.


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In the comments, one person wrote: “‘Went into the quiet room to unplug from work’ WHAT WORK?!?!”

Another asked: “So you’re simply paid to exist?”

Someone else argued: “It’s giving The Office. 10 per cent work and 90 per cent side activities.”

But others disagreed, suggesting that in order to be in a position to get a job with such perks you have to have worked very hard.

One person wrote: “Everyone hating on this because they don’t understand how hard you really worked to get such an amazing job where you get these perks, go Natasha.”

Someone else commented: “How a workplace should be.”

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