Mum discovers her baby’s toy is spouting wildly tasteless jokes

Mum discovers her baby’s toy is spouting wildly tasteless jokes
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Kids’ toys have a tendency towards the loud and garish, but thankfully their content generally sticks to farm animals and choo-choo trains.

At least, this is what one mum thought before she discovered that there was more to her baby son’s new plaything than met the eye.

TikTok user Ashley Lynn explained that her grandmother had bought her nine-month-old a toy remote control from Walmart for Christmas but they soon realised it was blasting out some pretty jaw-dropping sounds.

She told viewers of the now-viral video: “We put batteries in it, give it to my son, not paying any attention. He’s going to town, chewing on it, pressing the buttons… we don’t notice anything.”

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But, she went on: “Then my mum hears something and she calls us all in and she’s like, ‘It just said something about a drive-by shooting!’”

Understandably Ashley thought her mother must have misheard, until she started playing around with the remote herself.

She then started pressing the buttons for the camera, clarifying: “It says on the box, it tells jokes.”

Pretty standard children’s music plays before a recorded voice can be heard saying: “How many Catholic priests are required to screw a lightbulb into a socket? Two – one to do the screwing and one to hear the confession.”

Raising her eyebrows, Ashley asks: “What? What?? [It’s] a kids’ toy, there’s a baby on the box.”


This momma is not happy!! #wrong #notcool #wtf @Walmart #share #warning #donotbuy

She then flicks through more of the jokes, including one about a lawnmower in a cemetery which she describes as “kind of funny” but clearly not appropriate for a baby, before stopping at one about a drive-by shooting.

A man’s voice can be heard saying: “You’ll never guess what makes a clip clop, clip clop, bang bang, clip clop, clip clop noise… An Amish drive-by shooting.”

Ashley ended her clip, which has racked up more than 14.9 million views in two weeks, by asking Walmart and the manufacturer, Linsay Toys, to “explain this”.

In a statement, Linsay told that the brightly-coloured remote had been “retired from the market” due to a software issue.

The company told the US site that 27 units had been recalled and said they were now conducting an open investigation into what had happened.

Meanwhile, Walmart confirmed that it had pulled the offending gadget from its shelves, saying: “This item was listed by an outside third-party seller and removed from our site because it does not comply with our prohibited products policy.”

It added: “Walmart strives to maintain a marketplace that customers can trust.”

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