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London's Deputy Mayor for Transport, Val Shawcross, tries not to have early starts as she uses Southern Rail.

This was revealed in an email from Shawcross' office that said "after 10am would be best" when setting up a meeting.

It continued:

Val actually is a morning person but has to use Southern trains to get in to the office so we try not to have too many early starts.

The email was disclosed to the BBC under a Freedom of Information request.

A spokesperson for Sadiq Khan told the BBC:

The deputy mayor for transport works her socks off to make the capital's transport network more affordable, reliable and accessible for all Londoners.

Under Sadiq [Khan] and Val, TfL passengers have enjoyed frozen fares and seen a nearly 60 per cent reduction in the number of days lost to strikes.

If the government shared their drive and gave TfL control of more suburban lines, rail passengers too would get the service they deserve.

Southern Rail has been hit by repeated strikes that have exacerbated an already poor service.


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