How to play the viral London Tube 'Metro Memory' game

How to play the viral London Tube 'Metro Memory' game
Inside TfL's new driverless tubes

Every now and then, a viral game or quiz captures the attention of the masses, such as the viral TikTok marshmallow game. And, when a games tests you on the knowledge of the place you live, the competition becomes even fiercer.

Now is the turn of the viral Tube Map Game, which puts people’s memory of London’s TfL stations to the test. The game was invented by web developer Benjamin Tran Dinh, who has a history of creating fun but sometimes frustrating map-based games.

With hundreds of stations on the TfL network, the tube alone sees approximately five million passenger journeys made a day.

But with so many stations to consider, people are boasting about remembering around 40 per cent of them.

What is the London Tube Memory Game?

Despite being called the the London Tube Memory Game, it tasks people with remembering as many of the names of tube and overground stations as they possibly can.

In the search bar, players type in the name of a station they can think of. Each one they get right contributes to the percentage score displayed on the side of the screen.

The browser will even remember how many stations and what percentage score you previously got to, meaning you can come back to the page when another one pops into your head.

How do you play the London Tube Memory Game?

The game is easily accessed on a web browser at, meaning anyone with internet access and a device can play it.

As soon as you enter your first station in the bar, you will be off the mark and the search bar will handily show you where on the map the station you entered is located, with blank circles marking the remaining stations needing names.

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