Lottery temporarily suspends payments after host of $85m draw read out wrong number

Lottery temporarily suspends payments after host of $85m draw read out wrong ...

Imagine winning the $86 million jackpot – and then being told it was an error.

The Mega Millions lottery was forced to temporarily suspend prize payments after announcer John Crow made an on-air blunder, mistaking a number 9 for a number 6. The Mega Ball number also appeared on the screen during the draw.

The actual winning numbers were 15-19-20-61-70 and gold Mega Ball 9.

In a statement shared on the lottery organisation's website, they said: “The nine ball was drawn into the chamber and is the official result,”

“We apologise for the confusion,” the lottery added.

Unfortunately, all players missed out on the hefty jackpot but were encouraged to keep their tickets until the issue was resolved.

However, some New Yorkers were still paid their winnings based on the wrong winning number.

“Due to a human error relating to the May 10, 2022, Mega Millions draw, the New York Lottery paid a total of $5,538 to players who presented tickets with the incorrect winning number to retailers before approximately 10 a.m. on May 11,” the organisation said on its website.

“This payment was recouped automatically via a Lottery account for uncashed tickets. There is no impact on aid to education or taxpayer funds,” it added.

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The New York Lottery later released a series of statements on Twitter – and people weren't too happy.

One suggested that people with both number 6 and number 9 "should be considered winners." They added: "It's your mistake not theirs."

Another riled-up user said: "F that!! There should not be not one mistake. I tore up my tics and discard them in the garbage chute. Ridiculous!! And while I’m here, stop being cheap with the take five prize. Jerseys cash 5 goes up to a million bucks and starts at 100,000."

Don't throw away your ticket just yet!

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