Madden removes controversial touchdown celebration after Damar Hamlin emergency

Madden removes controversial touchdown celebration after Damar Hamlin emergency
Bills Safety Damar Hamlin Back In Buffalo To Continue Recovery

The Madden NFL video game franchise is removing the CPR touchdown celebration feature following the horrifying Damar Hamlin collapse.

According to a report from TMZ Sports, EA Sports is working to remove that animation.

A spokesperson told them that the virtual end zone dance would be removed in an update to "Madden NFL 23" over the next few days.

The celebration was popular with gamers because it allowed them to score touchdowns and pretend they needed assistance while other characters in the game come in to administer CPR to "revive" them.

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EA might want to pull this celebration from Madden

However, people are now finding this celebration to be insensitive because Hamlin needed life-saving efforts.

Still, this didn’t seem to stop the Pittsburg Steelers doing their own version of the “CPR celebration” following a major play against the Cleveland Browns, which caused more people to feel that this was in poor taste.

One person on Twitter wrote: “The timing is odd.”

“Oh no, this is disrespectful. I hope they lost,” another added, while a third wrote: “Too soon, way too soon.”

During the first quarter of a Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals game last week, Hamlin, who plays safety for the Bills, went into cardiac arrest after he was struck in the chest by a Bengals player.

Hamlin did stand up after the hit but immediately collapsed to the ground.

Players from both teams and fans alike were shocked and saddened by the 24-year-old’s emergency and sent prayers.

Fans were even spotted outside in a circle holding candles as they surrounded the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, offering emotional support.

The Niagara Falls Illumination Board also showed their support by lighting the falls in blue in honour of Hamlin, "the Buffalo Bills, and the City of Buffalo."

Fortunately, on Wednesday (4 January), Hamlin had a “remarkable improvement” as he woke up.

He was able to communicate with medical personnel in writing and asked who won in the game he collapsed in.

“Last night, he was able to emerge, follow commands and even ask who won the game. When we answered Damar when he asked who won the game, we said, ‘Yes, you won. You won the game of life,’” said Dr Tim Pritts of the University of Cincinnati Medical Center in a press conference.

Indy100 reached out to EA Sports for comment.

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