Viral TikTok shows ‘terrified’ man ‘attacked by ghost’ in gym

Viral TikTok shows ‘terrified’ man ‘attacked by ghost’ in gym

There’s an endless list of excuses to not go to the gym. But for one guy, a training session turned into a literal nightmare which he says gave him a very legitimate reason never to step foot in the place again – after footage showed him being ‘dragged across the floor by a ghost.’

The TikTok posted by @carlosruizoficial has since gone viral with a staggering 10.8 million views. The clip shows a man preparing for his typical training session in a gym with nothing out-of-the-ordinary in shot.

Things initially appear normal – that is, until gym objects start moving unexplainably. The apparatus in the back begins to swing and a weighted medicine ball rolls towards the man, all by itself.

The horrified gymgoer notices the equipment moving by itself @carlosruizoficiall/TikTok

At this point, the freaked-out man decides enough is enough and grabs his stuff to leave.

He grabs his stuff in a panic and heads to the door@carlosruizoficiall/TikTok

The shocked gymgoer can be seen jolting towards the door but instead falls to the floor in an apparent attack.

His right leg remains in the air as he is pulled across the floor by an invisible force. Once he could ‘regain control’ of his body, he headed for the exit and left his stuff behind.

The CCTV footage shows the man slip to the floor in an ‘apparent attack’ @carlosruizoficiall/TikTok

The ‘ghost’ then drags him across the floor @carlosruizoficiall/TikTok

The creepy TikTok racked up over 15K comments. Many made light of the terrifying incident and said this was why they didn’t go to the gym. One joked, “It’s embarrassing when the ghost goes to the gym more than you. I need. to get more motivated”.

“You know that ghost be buff too, it lives in the gym”, another added.

While others couldn’t come up with any other explanation to the ‘attack’, “People are saying it’s staged, with no proof that it’s staged?” one TikToker said.

You can see the full video here.

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