Man deletes all of his fiancee's work because she didn't go to a party with him

Man deletes all of his fiancee's work because she didn't go to a party with him
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Some people follow the mantra of work hard, play hard – but unfortunately, tight deadlines and personal priorities can force people to hit pause on the play aspect. That's exactly what happened to one woman, which prompted her fiance to turn to drastic measures as payback.

Anna shared the bizarre story to Reddit to seek some much-needed reassurance that she was not the unreasonable counterpart in the situation.

It all started when Anna's fiance invited her to his best friend's birthday. She declined and apologised due to a project that could have led to a potential promotion at work.

He slammed her priority as "unacceptable", adding "I hope it'll be worth it," as he left the house.

Later that night, her fiance returned home and ignored her so Anna logged on to "finalise her project."

To her horror, he had reset her "entire work laptop."

"Everything got wiped, including my project," she explained.

To make matters even worse, he justified it by saying they were "now even" because she had "embarrassed him by forcing him to go alone and get weird looks and questions from everyone."

Anna hit back and called him "insecure", which prompted him to head out to a hotel and follow up with a string of messages saying he was "hurt."

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Fellow Redditors took to the stage and slammed the man as a walking red flag. "You spelt ex-fiance wrong," one user joked.

"Do what's best for you and your future and run. Run so fast," one advised, candidly adding: "You and the things that you care about will never be a priority to him."

"If that guy deleted your work laptop - you need to delete him from your life," another said. "That is spiteful and reckless and I don't want to think what he'd escalate to next. Who gives a f**k about a "prestigious restaurant" and what his friends think? He should have thought about not costing you your job."

While a third concluded: "Consider yourself lucky you found out before the wedding."

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