Man wins bet after drinking entire bottle of tequila and dies immediately

Getty Images/iStockphoto

A man has died after downing a bottle of tequila, El Universal reports.

The 23-year-old was in a nightclub in the Dominican Republic when he was offered 12,531 pesos, the equivalent of around £500, by fellow club-goers to down the bottle, while onlookers filmed him on their phones.

Seconds after finishing the drink, Kelvin Rafael Mejia was given the money while he struggled to stand.

He then fainted in the bathroom and later died.

The medical examiner ruled his death was due to alcohol poisoning.

El Universalreports that the incident occured in the Vacca Lounge nightclub in La Romana, and that the manager of the nightclub said Mejia approached a table, where people were drinking tequila, to make the bet himself.

The footage of his tequila consumption and subsequent fainting has been circulating on social media following reports of his death.

Mejia had recently become a father, according to local media.

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