Man fires nanny after she calls his daughter a 's**t'

Man fires nanny after she calls his daughter a 's**t'
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A nanny is supposed to help support a family by providing childcare, however, one man who hired a nanny has shared how he had to fire her after she called his teenage daughter a "s**t."

In a post to Reddit's "Am I the A**hole?" forum, the man explained how he became a single dad after his wife tragically died in a car accident and needed a nanny to help him with his three daughters.

"Two years ago I lost my wife in a car accident, it was devastating. She left behind our 3 daughters, 14, 11, and 5. Once I had to go back to work, I needed somebody to help keep the house in order and help with the youngest as she wasn't in school yet," he wrote.

That's when the single father hired the "religious" nanny at the centre of this story.

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"About a year ago, we hired a woman whom I'll call Kate. Kate is an older lady and quite religious, which I don't mind as she was a good worker," the dad said.

"I've made it a priority to teach my kids to love themselves and not care what others think, or be ashamed of their bodies in any way," he explained as he detailed his parenting style.

But it seems one of his daughter's outfit choices is what began the nanny's hostility towards her.

"Four months ago, my oldest who I'll call Bre, started wearing more revealing tops. Nothing too crazy obviously as she's 14

"I've noticed Kate making passive aggressive comments about it a few times but we just kind of shrugged it off."

When the nanny called his daughter a s**t, that was the final straw for the single dad who fired her because of the commentiStockphoto by Getty Images

Things came to a head when an upset Bre revealed to her dad on another occasion what her nanny had called her.

"Three days ago, Bre called me at work crying. Apparently, she was going out with her friends when Kate stopped her and told her not to leave unless she changed, Bre asked why and she said 'it makes you look easy, like a slut. Go back upstairs.'

"When I got home I confronted Kate and she didn't even deny it but claimed she was trying to 'protect' her. This was like the straw that broke the camel's back.

"I told her she was fired. When she asked why, I told her there have been too many instances of disrespect for my parenting and I wouldn't deal with it anymore."

Though when he explained the situation to his parents, they weren't exactly supportive of his decision to sack the nanny.

"Next day I told my parents about it and they went off on me, saying I was an a**hole because I just left an old woman without a job, I said that's not my problem and hung up. I do feel bad, but her old views aren't an excuse for slut shaming."

All in all, after reading about the single dad's situation, the AITA community gave their verdict and decided that he was not the a**hole as the comments backed him up for defending his daughter.

One person said: "NTA if she wanted to keep her job she should have respected your daughter, and your parenting."

"NTA how can your parents side with the nanny over their own granddaughter? So what if Kate is out of a job? She brought it upon herself," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "NTA. Well done for keeping all your children away from those attitudes."

"NTA. Calling a teenage girl a slut is never okay," a fourth person commented. "You did the right thing and showed your daughter that you don’t tolerate people treating her poorly. The nanny has to deal with the consequences of her actions."

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