Man paints 'Welcome to Cleveland' sign on his roof... he lives by Milwaukee airport

For decades, visitors approaching Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee have been confused, panic-stricken even, by a sign that reads "Welcome to Cleveland".

Mark Gubin told the Journal Sentinel in 2005 that he had been having lunch on his roof one day when a colleague observed all the planes in the flight path overhead and said how nice it would be to have a "Welcome to Milwaukee" sign there.

Instead Gubin decided to paint "Welcome to Cleveland" - a city in Ohio 400 miles away - in six-foot white letters as a prank. "It was all tongue-in-cheek, just for fun. Living in the world is not a dress rehearsal. You better have fun with it," the then 62-year-old said.

His stunt reportedly made headlines across the country when it was first discovered back in the 70s but resurfaced again this week on Reddit.

Sentinel Journal reporter Jim Stigl reported in that same 2005 interview: "Gubin still thrills at the thought of passengers looking out the aircraft windows during final descent and either having a laugh or summoning the flight attendant in a panic."

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