Man says he Googled his date’s pills after finding them in bathroom: ‘You’re not mentally ill are you?’

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One woman took to TikTok to show an awful dating experience she had with a man he googled the medication that was on her bathroom sink.

The TikTok, which shows the man's texts following that night has since gone viral for his absolutely horrendous reaction.

TikTok user @bitchcraft444 posted the texts she received in a green screen video. The exchange began after her initial text, “Hey, how’s your evening."

Her date followed up with: “Hey, not to be rude and this is super awkward of me. The other night was fun but I googled the tablets you left on your bathroom sink.”

Her date went on to acknowledge the invasive nature of his texts before brushing it off.

“Super invasive I know, but it said they were anti-psychotics. You’re not mentally ill are you? Just a turn off and I wouldn’t want to go further if so," he concluded.


Not even a good morning😭... #foryoupage #foryou #mentalillness #antiphyscotic #toxic

The user captioned the video, “Not even a good morning 😭.”

Naturally, many people were outraged at the man's audacity. Luckily, many people responded with humor in the comments.

"tell him you only have a few more hours until you transform 🐺" said one person.

Another said, "Literally say 'yes now run.'"

"If he's boring he should just say that," another person wrote.

Other people comforted the woman by reassuring her that she had “dodged a massive bullet.”

“I’m sorry but also glad you saw this person’s true face earlier lol,” one user said.

“‘Not to be rude but you taking care of your mental health is a turn off for me’ you dodged a bullet, love,” another wrote.

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