Top 5 Ways to Celebrate National Boyfriend Day

A man has received an overwhelming amount of support from Reddit users after abandoning his girlfriend at a pumpkin patch – to watch sports instead.

Taking to the popular AITA subreddit, the man wanted reassurance that he wasn't unreasonable.

He explained how his 22-year-old girlfriend set up a "couples thing" to celebrate Halloween – but he turned out to be the only guy.

While the Redditor highlighted that he is "fine" with all of her friends, he started to feel uncomfortable when they all started ignoring him.

"Every time I tried to join a conversation or spend time with my girlfriend I got frozen out like I was intruding," he penned, before adding: "I asked her if she wanted to go do the corn maze with me and it was like I was some creepy guy at a bar.

"They all had to come along. Like I was trying to separate her. I totally was but I don't think that's a bad thing."

They all headed to the maze and split up – with his girlfriend going with her friends.

"I texted her that she had five minutes to respond to me or I was going back to town to watch the game and she could get a ride back with her friends," he wrote, before explaining that he went off to enjoy the match.

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His girlfriend responded as the game entered the second half.

"It took her that long to notice that I was gone," he said, before adding: "I just woke up to about fifty texts from her and her friends calling me an asshole for leaving without telling anyone."

He then turned to the platform to get their candid takes on the matter, with hundreds of Redditors taking his side.

"She literally just used you as a free ride to her friends get together," one user wrote. "Would not even be surprised if the girls were planning something shady and got upset that you showed up."

Another added: "In my opinion, she kind of tricked you into coming there and after you went she iced you out and ignored you, which is not okay. You gave her a heads-up before leaving as well. Technically she was not stranded as she had other company, had you left her alone this would be a different situation."

Meanwhile, a third believed that "sending her a text and leaving after five minutes isn't really a heads-up."

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