Video resurfaces of man who offered an alligator to a pub in ...

A resurfaced video of a man who somehow acquired an alligator but eventually gave it to a Belfast pub has gone viral on social media.

The video clip is from the RTE archives and has been shared by someone on Twitter named Joel Neill and the TikTok account @documentbelfast.

From the beginning of the clip, Pat McNamara, the man in question, brought an alligator named Fred back to Northern Ireland.

McNamara is fond of exotic pets, and his fascination with reptiles started with snakes. His enthusiasm grew once he offered an alligator.

The man and his wife Anne spoke with now BBC journalist Fergal Keane about having the gator as a pet.

Anne didn't mind Fred when he first came in contact with them, but she became nervous as Fred became more restless.

"He's just getting so big now that I don't trust him," Anne said after she and Fred appeared startled by Fred's sudden movement.

When Fred got his marching orders from Anne, he then decided to give Frank to Brian Hull, the owner of The Swiss Chalet.

Hull placed Frank in the alligator tank behind the bar.

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Frank, the alligator@joelneill

When he was asked if Fred might like to eat more than the raw fish he's being fed once he grows, Hull casually said: "Well, he could well want to do that now, but we haven't found out. When he grows to five or six feet, we'll then we'll find out then."

The presenter rounds off the video with: "If you thought we were joking about it being a man-eater, what about this for a mouthful."

With that, we see McNamara, unfortunately, letting out a yelp, followed by a bleeped-out explicit four-letter word as Fred, the alligator, clamps down on his finger.

"If you thought we were joking about it being a man-eater, what about this for a mouthful."@joelneill

Hull and a punter end up sharing a laugh in the background.

People on Twitter couldn't help but share some laughs in the post's comments section.

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