Man on trip to Italy uses green screen to 'trick' colleagues into thinking he's working from home

Man on trip to Italy uses green screen to 'trick' colleagues into thinking he's working from home
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A man vacationing in Italy used a green screen to "trick" his colleagues into thinking he was on the job from the comfort of his home.

In a video uploaded to TikTok by travel group EF Ultimate Break, a man walks over to a small table, sits down, and gets his laptop out.

"Can we make our team believe we're working from home with a DIY green screen when we're actually in Italy?" the onscreen text said.

Then, he can be seen putting a small green screen behind him.

Soon after, the man can be seen in a virtual meeting with his colleagues.

Instead of the background being buildings, tourists, and cobblestone ground, it looked like a living room with yellow walls decorated with pictures in frames and a reddish curtain.

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Proof that you really can work from anywhere #wfh #tiptok #traveltiktok #thisisultimate

People took to the comments to share their questions, thoughts, and concerns about the scene, with one writing: "Pfft, I just don't turn on my camera or use one of the preset filters."

"Might just do that this May," another added, to which the original creator responded with: "May as well."

A third wrote: "No way he is in a meeting with all that background noise. But if so, share the secret of what you do when you need to interact."

A fourth admitted that they had done something similar and added: "I took a pic of my house and made it my zoom background when I was in Spain."

Others were thinking about company policies based on security and IP filters.

"Please check your company's policies beforehand: working from abroad may be banned for security reasons," a fourth wrote.

A fifth added: "Watch out for those IP filters that infosec puts in place. You might find you can't connect after you arrive in another country."

In a comment from the creator, they noted that for "legal reasons," this is scenario is a joke and that it is the "perks of working for a travel company."

Joke or not, it does seem like anybody can work from home just about anywhere.

But if you're anything like this government minister, who thinks people working from home are "watching television," or this boss who believes people are "spoiled and entitled" if they want to work from home, you might disagree.

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