Man sparks debate after swapping the sticker on a Walmart steak for a lower price

Pregnancy reveal goes wrong on TikTok

Recently, some supermarkets across the US have seen an uptick in prices for common household items and groceries.

One TikTok user decided to take matters into their own hands and cheat the system.

Sharing a video on TikTok, a man can be seen peeling the price label from a Walmart steak he purchased and revealing a more expensive label.

The TikTok, shared by Sean Rassavong (@sean.rssvng) shows him pulling the price label from a $12.30 package of steak. Underneath the label, he reveals the original price of $24.38.


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The text overlay reads, “Gotta compensate for them gas prices ya heard.”

Gas prices have been the subject of social media debate as it reaches record high prices across the country due to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war.

In response to the Russian invasion, the United States imposed sanctions on Russia, causing gas prices to rise.

While many people in the comments agreed that the cost of living has become increasingly expensive lately, people had mixed feelings about the man's approach to getting a better deal of his food.

Responding to critics, the poster commented: "Imagine worrying about another man and choice meat from Walmart 😂."

"It's theft. We prosecute for doing that," wrote one disapproving person.

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"All you gotta do is take the sticker off of a cheaper cut and put it on the more expensive cut and bam nice steak dinner for dollars," wrote another person.

Someone else said, "I wouldn’t be disappointed if it was a necessity. Steak is not a necessity."

"Period. That’s how you gotta do it. They wanna raise the prices on everything so we gonna do what we gotta do 🤣🤣🤣🤣" another wrote.

Elsewhere someone said, "That’s why at my grocery store the labels are on the inside of the plastic."

"Regardless if you feel like you 'deserved' a lower price, it’s still shoplifting, you can still be prosecuted, and you’re contributing 2 rising prices," wrote one user.

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