Georgia women pranked their husbands into wearing the same shirt on group ...

TikTok users were left stunned by one man's audacity after calling his date "too overweight" that she was "crushing him."

Mady (@crazyfroglookinass) took to the platform with a screenshot of the rude message. The man, who she was assumingly intimate with, said: “Well, to be honest, you’re a little too overweight for me you were crushing me.” The TikTok then showed her reaction to the text.

The viral clip garnered over 2.3 million views in just two days, along with housands of comments from fellow TikTokers who were just as horrified as Mady.

One joked that it translated to: "'I'm a weak frail little shell of a man, and I physically cannot handle a goddess." While another added, "He said I am Slender Man."

A third TikTok user couldn't comprehend his thought process behind the text. "He really typed that out, re-read it, and thought ', ya this is good,'" they said.

Another concluded: "A friend said to me: 'You don’t need to be smaller, you need a stronger man.'"

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By popular demand, Mady later followed up with a storytime clip where she explained she wouldn't be sharing the man's name or photo because it'll open him up to bullying.

"I'm not going to be mean to him just because he was mean to me," she said.

Mady explained that the pair were "talking for a bit, but he started acting weird." Subsequently, she called him out on it by saying he was "immature", which prompted his harsh response.

"All I said in my response is that you and I both know that is bulls***, and you're just saying that because you want to hurt my feelings," she continued.

"Literally, no one deserves to have something like this said to them... especially when they claim to like you or love you."

Mady concluded: "We've not spoken since."

...And we're not surprised.

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