Firefighters rescue man trapped between a building and a shipping container

Firefighters rescue man trapped between a building and a shipping container
Phoenix Fire Department

Arizona firefighters rushed to the rescue after a man became wedged in a tight space between a wall and a shipping container.

On Sunday, crews from Phoenix and Glendale responded to the incident when authorities were informed that the man slipped while walking across the top of the shipping container.

The man fell approximately ten feet and subsequently became stuck and needed help.

Technical Rescue Teams created a big enough gap by utilising a heavy-duty airbag. This allowed the narrow space to widen by 12 inches to bring the man to safety.

They explained: “Once moved, the patient was able to position himself in a way that firefighters could assist him out of the tight space.”

Luckily, the man suffered non-life-threatening injuries from the fall and was taken to a local hospital for further checks.

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Firefighters across the pond also proved that no day is ever the same after rescuing a kitten trapped in a bathroom wall.

Pet owner, Danielle, had lost her kitten just hours after getting him home. “The meowing was coming from behind the bathroom wall," she explained, which prompted her to call the emergency services.

It turned out, the feline – now fittingly called Tubs – had crawled through a tight gap between the ceramic tiling and the toilet piping before going on a journey into the hollow wall.

Firefighters were able to bring Tubs to safety after removing some bathroom tiles and panelling.

Station manager Martin Farrow of Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service said: “Throughout the working week, our firefighters get dispatched to a variety of different jobs in the community.

“There’s never one day that is ever the same.

“This rescue of Tubs the kitten is a perfect example of how our crews use their training and judgment to assess the situation and resolve the matter, with this particular incident having a happy ending.

“It was lovely to see photographs of Tubs and Danielle peacefully reunited.”

Danielle added: “The firefighters were really gentle with Tubs and made sure that we were both OK before they left.

“They even did a safe-and-well check on my smoke alarms on their way out.”

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