Man roasted after posting bizarre tweet claiming women prefer 'losers' to 'providers'


You all know the age-old saying, right girls? Why pick a loser when you could nab a guy who's pulling in 700 lbs of beef a year?

No you don't, because nobody has ever said that, except for precisely one guy on Twitter.

@vickers_stephen, whose name may or may not be Stevie Wonder, took to Twitter to complain that:

My housing is paid for. I make a good salary. I get health insurance, 401k, 700 lbs of beef a year, and I live on a couple hundred acres. I’m a puncher by trade with a bachelors degree. And I swear you women would rather have a loser than a provider. It’s sad.

There are a lot of questions. Firstly, well, it's kind of nonsense. Secondly, what is a puncher by trade? And thirdly, well, why is he getting 700 lbs of beef a year?

The OP instantly got roasted (get it, like beef) by Twitter users asking these questions, but also pointing out how ridiculous and archaic his idea of relationships is.

Well, that and the fact that it appears the salary he's bragging about is in fact paid in beef.

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