Woman exposes a man's astonishingly bad double standards on tattoos on women in viral TikTok

A man got a tattoo of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

Despite an incredible amount of success stories on dating apps, they can also draw the attention of misogynistic creeps – as one woman discovered for herself.

TikTok user @morgangster27 took the platform to share her bizarre interaction on Hinge. The man called out his controversial opinion on women having tattoos, saying: "Every tattoo on a woman is a bad tattoo."

He didn't stop there. In fact, he continued to dig a deeper hole with his double standards when he suggested a woman has a "sexual market value."

"To be blunt, the sexual market value of a woman is dependent on her innocence and modesty," he said. "Tattoos signal a strong lack of both."

He then compared the so-called market value of men, saying: "The sexual market of a man is dependent on his ability to protect and provide. Tattoos are irrelevant."

The clip immediately went viral, racking up 1.6 million views and thousands of comments.

One user highlighted the issue of: "This man can vote."

Another pinpointed one of Ben's disturbing comments: "'Dependant on her innocence', sir you want a child or what?"

While a third said, he should have his phone taken away because he has clearly been listening to too many toxic podcasts.

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Ina follow-up clip, the TikToker explained how she was unsurprisingly lost for words. "I just went with a classic: 'go off king,'" she said, to which he didn't respond.

She said she "wished she could show more of his profile because it was really good." The message exchange later disappeared, which led her to believe his account got reported. But, just to give a glimpse into the type of man he was, his Hinge voice prompt allegedly said that women on dating apps "grew up without a father, it looks like."

One user spoke on behalf of all viewers, saying: "I anticipate Ben being alone for a very very long time."

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