The last thing this man heard was 'Donald Trump has been impeached'. He died peacefully


Michael Garland Elliott died earlier this month in his hometown of Virginia – and the last favour of a friend shows new levels of compassion.

Elliott had survived all of his family when he died at the age of 76, but his ex-wife and close friend Teresa Elliott went to great lengths to give him one last favour.

His obituary states:

Mike ran out of family long ago and is survived by his ex-wife and best friend, Teresa Elliott. Though their marriage ran aground, their friendship only grew stronger and hers was the last voice Mike heard.

The last thing she said to him was ‘Donald Trump has been impeached.’

Upon hearing that he took his final, gentle breath, his earthly work concluded.

That’s right – Elliott, who the obituary states was the "sharpest dresser in town," passed away believe that Trump had been impeached.

It's safe to assume he wasn't a big fan of the president.

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