The Alt-Right is trying to explain away Trump’s campaign u-turns in the worst way

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Donald Trump's dropping of an 11 ton bomb on a complex of tunnels in Eastern Afghanistan Thursday, killed 92 Isis militants, according to the Afghan government.

Mohammad Radmanesh, the deputy spokesman for the Afghan ministry of defence, said:

After the bomb, when we checked the tunnels, we took out around 100 dead bodies. They all died in the bombing.

The bombing took place the week after the firing of 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles from the USS Porter and USS Ross into the Sharyat airfield in Western Homs, Syria, as a retaliation to the alleged use of chemical weapons by Bashar al-Assad's regime.

The strikes have been reacted to negatively by some anti-interventionist Trump supporters, given his isolationist stance on the campaign trail.

Prominent alt-right media figures were quick to criticise following the Syria strikes:

In short, "America first" seems a very, very long time ago for the American right wing.

While his approval ratings remain the worst a modern president has seen in his first few months in office, they didn't tumble as a result of the strikes - possibly because he picked up some praise from centre and left pro-interventionists for the military action.

Or perhaps noone cared enough for it to change their approval sentiment:

So what reasons do the Alt-Right suggest were behind the decision for these recent military operations by a president who repeatedly said he would reduce American operations abroad?

Rather than argue that he's listening to generals and intelligence briefings, or pivoting to curry more favour with China in North Korea, or dropping bombs to dispel notions that he's a Russian-installed President, they've gone for a more disgusting and implausible theory.

David Duke, the former head of the Ku Klux Klan and white nationalist, wrote on his blog that the growing interventionist policies and the diminshing influence of Steve Bannon were evidence of a "Jewish coup":

All around him are these Jewish extremists like Kushner. Trump might not even know half the things they do.

Which is to be expected from a racist.

Likewise, prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer, tweeted:

On Infowars, the conspiracy theorist news website and programme, infamous blogger Mike Cernovich told host Alex Jones a slightly different explanation as to why they both are moderating their previous ardent support of the President:

You and I are pushing back against the ground war in Syria.

It doesn’t mean that we flip-flopped, it doesn’t mean that we oppose Trump.

We’re just saying, hey there is a negotiation going on too, even between us and the president of the United States… that is how adults behave.

Either way, his approval among Republicans doesn't seem to have been drastically affected.

So while the far right Republican commentariat and white nationalists seem to hate the military interventions, the voters don't seem to care all that much.

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