This 'mansplaining' advert outside an Australian university is getting mocked online

Instagram / shitadelaide

Gather around, men. It's time to listen to a woman explain why this poster is not OK.

Not sure how? Basically, reverse the genders in this bizarre advert showing five silent women listening to a man talk.

It has gone viral for showing 'mansplaining', a term describing a man explaining an issue to a woman condescendingly or patronisingly.

Either this advert is severely misjudged - or the University of Adelaide really are launching a 'Masters in Mansplaining'.

Thankfully not. The university clarified it was not behind the image, telling MamaMia it came from Renewal SA, a South Australia government agency.

Though it appears as if the image is part of an University of Adelaide advert and was placed in front of the University of Adelaide's Royal Adelaide Hospital, a university spokeswoman told ABC:

Our logo is part of a separate image, which has been cropped out.

The photo in question on the Renewal SA boarding is not a university image. It was not supplied by us. It was not approved by us. The people depicted in that photo are not university people.

The image has sparked ridicule on social media.

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