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Have you ever heard of mansplaining? If not, you're very lucky. It's when a man feels the need to describe a concept, idea or fact to a woman who either is already fully aware or, more likely, really doesn't need it explained in the first place.

Yeah, it gets annoying.

Writer Maud Dromgoole has shared one of the most infuriating mansplaining stories ever documented.

Just wow.

Picture:Picture: Google

Oh, look. Google doesn't know what "je ne sais quoi" means either...

Mansplaining appears to be a highly contagious epidemic.

Some men attempted to explain that mansplaining is not a thing.

Dromgoole told indy100:

I think I shared it because it made me laugh.

It felt like the most succinct example of a conversation I have everyday.

Working in a pub people (and I mean men really) assume that you’re less intelligent than them and also that they have the right to monopolise your time.

This particular man had taken it upon himself to ‘educate’ me on a whole host of topics that he didn’t know anything about before we had this exchange.

She added:

The comments section is a perfect mess. 

Particularly the men who have tried to helpfully explain the situation back to me without understanding it at all. 

Many people have taken issue with the fact I’ve used the term mansplain. 

But in my experience I do find it an exclusively male behaviour. 

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