World's most modified man has fingers chopped off to look like 'devil'

World's most modified man has fingers chopped off to look like 'devil'
World's most modified man has fingers chopped off to look like 'devil'

A dad dubbed “most modified man in the world” thanks to his unique appearance has revealed his latest transformation – cutting off his index finger to resemble an alien devil.

Marcelo “B-Boy” De Souza Ribeiro is known for his eccentric inkings and invasive body modifications, including fanged metal teeth, skin implants and a split tongue.

Over the years, he’s spent an estimated £29,000 on his transformation to resemble an “alien devil” and believes that 98% of his body has been altered.

Previously, he revealed his latest procedure – splitting his hand in half – which he claims is a “world first.”

Now, in a bid to continue his transformation, he’s recently undergone another modification to enhance his unique hand: removing one of his index fingers.

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Jam Press/@marcelobboy

“I’m making a new modification that doesn’t exist in the world yet,” Marcelo, an artist from São Paulo, Brazil, told NeedToKnow.Online.

“I was already researching body modifications in the world and from what I saw, no one has yet made a similar one.

“After how I made my hand recently, I found it interesting to do the other one in a different format, which I expect to resemble an alien hand.

“[I got] the inspiration after looking at an image of the hand and I wanted to finish mine perfectly so that it looks natural, as if I was born with it in this format.”

Marcelo, who has 1,500 tattoos, claims the procedure was carefully analysed for two weeks prior to surgery, with the index finger carefully cut off at the knuckle.

As the process was quick and smooth, he scored the pain only a six out of ten – but says the first five days were very sore.

Now, he’s almost healed and is starting to get used to his new “claw.”

He said: “I’m getting used to it and can move my hand normally.

“I’m managing to do everything as usual, such as writing, tattooing and playing the violin.

“People have already seen my hand and thought it was interesting, but have said they don’t have the courage to do it.

“I’m happy with what I’ve done and my family won’t stop me because they know I work on my body and look.”

Jam Press/@marcelobboy

Marcelo, who has two children, Aleff Ryan, 10 and Hilary Beatriz, 20, as well as a four-year-old grandson, says the procedure didn’t cost him a penny.

Previously, he revealed the reactions he gets from the general public about his controversial look, which is mostly positive.

Marcelo added: “I always get attention wherever I go and people are always curious to know if they (modifications) are real.

“They take photos and make videos of me.

“People are delighted and surprised to see so many tattoos.”

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