The internet is losing its mind over these eerie photos of Nicola Sturgeon and Margaret Thatcher
Picture: left: PA/PA Archive/PA Images, right: Danny Lawson/PA Archive/PA Images

Theresa May has been repeatedly compared to Mrs Thatcher (much to her chagrin).

While May is the second female prime minister, from the same party most the similarities end there.

Yet there's another politician who, if not similar politically, may be intentionally aping the Iron Lady's aesthetic.

On Thursday, Nicola Sturgeon signed a 'Section 30' letter, with which she formally requested a referendum on Scottish independence from Theresa May.

The Scottish government posted the image to Twitter:

Picture:Picture: Stuart Nicol Photography/The Scottish Government via Getty Images

Those with a long memory were reminded of this image of Margaret Thatcher, in a similar pose in Downing Street, 1983.

Picture: Herbie Knott/Rex Features/Shutterstock

In fact, Sturgeon's opponent and leader of the Scottish Conservatives even highlighted the similarities.

Since these images were first compared, other snaps have been unearthed.

The UK politics subreddit placed these side by side.

Pictures, left: PA/PA Archive/PA Images, right: Danny Lawson/PA Archive/PA Images

The similarities go beyond choice of outfits.

In 2016, the Scottish National Party were mocked by opponents for appearing to copy a slogan used by Thatcher in the 1979 election.

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