TikTok comedians Marty and Michael bamboozle drivers with speed camera prank

TikTok comedians Marty and Michael bamboozle drivers with speed camera prank
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Ask any motorist and they’ll tell you, speeding tickets are no laughing matter.

But try explaining that to a couple of Australian comedians who decided to invite some rage onto the roads with a cruel trick on drivers.

The duo, known as Marty and Michael, shared a video of the prank with their 3.4 million TikTok followers on Friday.

The clip, filmed from within a moving car, shows Marty standing by the side of the road brandishing a sign reading “speed camera ahead”.

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“That is the best,” the driver can be heard saying admiringly, assuming this to be the act of an anonymous do-gooder. He then shouts “thank you,” as he and his passenger drive past, laughing happily at the brief encounter.

But then another two signs gradually appear in shot, one reading “kidding” and the other “made you slow down”.

The incredulous pair in the car then laugh and brand Marty a “f***ing a***hole”, as the driver announces: “Speeding up”.

But then, as a caption to the video points out, it “gets worse” and the driver suddenly sees a speed camera appear after all.

“You’re kidding. Are they serious?” he asks his friend before the camera pans in on Michael.

He’s standing by the side of the road with his own sign, reading: “Sorry.”


Sorry… #martyandmichael #speedcamera #sorry

The clip racked up more than 10.3 million views in four days as fellow Ticktockers offered their verdict on the skit.

One branded it a “rollercoaster of emotion,” while another praised the “beautiful execution” of the trick.

Others suggested drivers shouldn’t be affected by the joke as long as they respect the rules of the road.

“Don’t speed and you’ll have nothing to worry about,” one wrote.

However, others admitted they’d be furious if they fell victim to such a stunt.

“The last ‘sorry’ sign guy is risking his life,” one wrote, while another suggested the whole thing would be funny until it “happens to a guy on his last thread of sanity with one point on his license”.

“Old mate with the sorry sign would be in danger lol,” they warned.

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