Amid Mass Shooting in Highland Park, Gun Violence in Chicago

A mass shooting victim was told to "register to vote" after she shared a bloody selfie online.

On Monday (4 June), bullets zipped through an Independence Day parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

Six people were killed, and dozens were injured in the shooting.

One of the victims took to her Twitter to share a photo of her face, bloodied from where a bullet grazed it.

"I can't f***ing believe I was in the middle of a mass shooting. I've felt safe at this parade for 18 years, and today I got hit with a bullet, and nothing will change in America. This is ridiculous," lilli (@h4ndcrushed) wrote, as noted by DailyDot.

Her page also limits who can view her tweets.

Thousands of people reacted to the tweet sharing their sympathy and condolences for what she endured.

In the midst of that, Ann Brenoff, a retired HuffPost editor, took another approach when commenting and told her to vote.

"I am sorry this happened to you and to everyone else there. It's awful, and these shootings just keep coming at us. Please register to vote if you haven't already. Tell your friends too. Your generation is our last hope," she wrote.

Although Brenoff did express her condolences, the response prompted a slew of criticisms from people, especially the voting part.

One wrote: "This is one of the most soulless responses imaginable please evaluate what lead you to this point."

"This person has been shot and is bleeding from the 306th mass shooting this year while the dem government has done nothing to stop it from happening again and again...and you....told them....they need to vote stop being shot at. This is why I'm a leftist," another added.

A third wrote: "Your generation is our last hope." there are so many vile things about this tweet that people are rightfully going to shame you for, but for me, laying this at the feet of a victim to fix is just…wow."

Others did seem to come to Brenoff's defence, questioning why people would want to discourage people from "voting."

"Really curious that this post brought out tons of trolls discouraging people from voting…why would that be???" one questioned.

"Voting is the only way out !!!!!

"Vote for the ones that want gun control!!!!!" someone else added.

Indy100 reached out to Brenoff for comment via Instagram direct message.

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