Maths teacher left 'in tears' after asking Reddit why their students call them a 'goat'

Maths teacher left 'in tears' after asking Reddit why their students call them a 'goat'
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The wholesome moment a maths teacher discovered they are adored by their students who call them a “goat” has gone viral.

In a post that has since been shared across social media, the maths teacher went to Reddit to find an answer to a question that had been bugging them.

They explained in their post on r/NoStupidQuestions that they taught maths to 8th graders (Year 9) and said there was a running joke in which they called them a “goat”.

They continued: “I would respond back each time that they are the goats and they would all laugh.

“It was pretty funny to be honest, and I never gave it much thought. But I realized that I have been partaking in a joke that I never actually got.

“I had a good connection with them, and they are all really good kids, so I don't really think that they were making fun of me.”

They asked Redditors to explain to them what “goat” means and the comment section became possibly the most heartwarming place on the internet.

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One Redditor replied, explaining: “GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time.

“It’s a compliment. Sounds like you’re a great teacher and they enjoy your classes. Which is saying something since math is most people’s least favorite subject.”

The teacher replied: “Oh wow!!! Yes, that is the reason I became a math teacher. I always hated math growing up, but then I realized at some point it's just taught terribly.”

They continued: “I put my heart and soul into teaching, this is amazing to hear. Thank you!!!”

Replying to someone else who explained that “goat” is a wonderful thing to be called by their students, the teacher said: “Oh wow, my day has been made. Thank you!!”

The anonymous and clearly beloved teacher edited their original post to include the message: “omg I am IN TEARS!!! I can't believe they were complimenting me this whole time!!!! Thank you all for answering this question!!!!”

A screengrab of the post was shared on Twitter, where it has been liked almost 300,000 times.

It’s nice to know that among the chaos there is still some wholesome content to be found online.

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