Chef transforms McDonalds meal into two gourmet dishes with caviar

A McDonald’s employee has revealed the sneaky way they ration the number of fries customers get.

In a clip that’s been viewed more than a quarter of a million times, TikToker @nnennaaaaa6 and McDonald’s employee made the revelation.

They captioned the video, “shhhhh” and wrote in the text overlay, “How we make our large fries”.

They then revealed that they don’t open the cardboard holder for the fries all the way open in order to “save more fries than others”.

In the video, the employee scooped fries from the almost empty basket without fully opening the cardboard container.

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🤫 shhhhh 😭 #virał #trending #elfitup #RufflesOwnYourRidges #comedy #ArbysDiabloDare #CloseYourRings #fyp #fypシ #mcdonalds #jokes #essentialworker


🤫 shhhhh 😭 #virał #trending #elfitup #RufflesOwnYourRidges #comedy #ArbysDiabloDare #CloseYourRings #fyp #fypシ #mcdonalds #jokes #essentialworker

🤫 shhhhh 😭 #virał #trending #elfitup #RufflesOwnYourRidges #comedy #ArbysDiabloDare #CloseYourRings #fyp #fypシ #mcdonalds #jokes #essentialworker

People in the comments were shocked to learn that they are getting ripped off for purchasing large fries and others who claim they used to work there said it was the same when they worked there.

One person wrote: “It's nice to know that we're intentionally getting ripped off. We pay for a large fry because we want a large fry, not because we like the bigger box.”

Another former employee claimed: “the McDonald's I worked at did this. I guess it's a location thing. we didn't really do it though unless we only had 2 people working.”

Someone else who claims they used to work there, wrote: “I worked at McDonald's for nearly 8 years and this is completely correct. The managers at the stores I work in got mad if you opened it up all the way.”

One TikToker said: “Worked there when I was 17, it’s true and I see nothing has changed.”

Indy100 has contacted McDonald’s for comment.

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