McDonald's worker kicked a 'difficult' customer out of the drive-thru

McDonald's worker kicked a 'difficult' customer out of the drive-thru
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A McDonald's worker kicked a "difficult" customer out of the drive-thru - and people were here for it.

In a TikTok video uploaded by the account @ghettogaragebuildss, the restaurant employee can be seen firmly telling the customer that she and her employees are done remaking his drink.

However, the video has two different versions.

Yahoo! News reported on Thursday that the first was a 37-second long and the other was six seconds, which was viewed 6.2m times.

And on Friday, the TikTok video and page appeared to no longer be available, and it isn't clear when it was taken down.

In the longer video, viewers can hear what seemed to be the problem as the worker pointed to his coffee and said, "It's all on the bottom, see? And now go to a different store. We will not be serving you anymore."

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She then closed her window to get ready to serve the next person in line.

The customer seemed unsatisfied with his drink, and he asked why McDonald's refused to keep serving him in the clip.

"Because every single time we make your drink, it is wrong. Obviously, we cannot satisfy you the first time, and we're done trying. So, get out of my drive-thru," she told him as the customer drove away.

The video ended with the viewer hearing the employee noted, "And you guys called my employees vulgar names."

Both videos were supportive of the employee and how she handled the situation.

One wrote: "Whatever happened, she right."

"I like that lady. That is the energy I love," another added.

A third wrote: "I love this lady! Boundaries, respect for her time and her employee's time, not taking no shit… it's all there, and I love it."

Someone else, who claimed to be her former employee also shared praise and support for her.

"She's amazing. I worked with her for 8 years before I left McDonald's. She's actually the GM of that location," they wrote.

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