Do You Feel That?! VR Headset Adds Virtual Kissing Sensations to the …

Promoters of NFTs on TikTok are allegedly telling young men that they can make over $10,000 a week pretending to be female strippers in the metaverse.

However, it appears to just be an eye-catching way to promote their NFTs.

In several posts on the platform from a promoter group, people were shown footage of luxurious sports cars and wads of cash, supposedly made through pole dancing in virtual reality.

One video, in particular, highlighted this and has accrued more than 5.9 million views at the time of writing.

"This is your sign to fake being a girl and start stripping in the metaverse," the video's caption reads.

"It's giving black mirror (but fr where do I sign up)," one person commented.

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The group told those that were a little skeptical of this claim that the virtual stripping gig was legitimate. However, the group suggested that the only way to learn how to do it is to join their Discord server.

Like their TikTok, their Discord server is overflowing with users inquiring about the money-making events.

One person has even claimed to have spent several hundred dollars for a new computer and a virtual reality headset to begin his career as an online stripper.

Still, moderators on the forum have directed users to go elsewhere for advice: this time to a Discord channel that gives an introduction to NFTs.

And after the introduction, people were told about the quality of the Discord server's own NFT project.

Now realising that it's a dupe, people were flooding the Discord server and the TikTok page with complaints and warnings to others not to believe the group.

One person wrote: "NOT REAL GUYS DONT FALL FOR IT."

"The cap is so real, lmao," another added.

A third wrote: "How y'all falling for this."

Some moderators eventually did admit that the TikTok video was just a publicity stunt. They also rejected claims that users were being scammed.

"Making money on the metaverse is real, but the stripping TikTok is satire," a moderator said.

Indy100 reached out to the NFT group via TikTok comment about the promotional material.

In a turn of events, the footage posted to TikTok was not from the metaverse but from a video game called VRChat.

Despite virtual strip clubs where dancers can receive tips have been created in virtual reality, a known VR stripper told Mashable in an interview last year that they didn't earn a liveable wage.

The NFT promoter group isn't the only one to push the faux career path. The tactic of promising TikTok users thousands of dollars to virtually strip is being promoted by many accounts across the platform, with many focused on entrepreneurship.

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