<p>User @dabrielle shared a video of the men, one of whom is pictured left</p>

User @dabrielle shared a video of the men, one of whom is pictured left


A woman claims she has been penalised for “bullying” on TikTok after recording herself confronting a group of “creepy” men.

User @dabrielle shared a video to the platform in which she walks up to the trio of guys as they sit, with their phones out, on the shore of a lake.

The clip clearly shows one of the men staring at an image of two women in bikinis standing by the water – and it appearts to have been taken from afar.

As Dabrielle approaches, he quickly switches his screen to a picture of him and a little girl, which viewers have assumed to be his daughter.

But the young woman isn’t duped, telling him furiously – and sarcastically: “Wow, look at you looking at photos of us. I just caught you on video, you f***ing creeper.”

She then pans the camera round, revealing the other two men staring down at their phones and laughing nervously.

“You’re all f***ing disgusting,” she tells all three, branding each of them “pervs”.

The first man’s phone clearly displayed a pic of women in bikinis @dabrielle/TikTok

In a caption to the video, she urges viewers to “start calling these men out,” stating that they were “secretly taking photos of us in our swim suits.”

However, she also claimed in a separate footnote that TikTok had taken down her previous footage of the encounter for “bullying and harassment.”

“LMAO,” she added. “I think we were the ones getting harassed though.”

Her clip racked up more than 280,000 views and 52,000 likes in six days, as viewers shared their outrage at the incident.

“I feel bad for his daughter,” one wrote, referring to the first man. “Imagine if some guy did that to her.”

“You should have thrown their phones into the water,” said another.

However, others lambasted Dabrielle for “embarrassing” the men and calling them out in public.

Dabrielle zoomed in on all three alleged ‘pervs’@dabrielle/TikTok

“You don’t have the right to privacy in a public place and you dress to be noticed. Do the man,” one commented.

“If you are walking around like that in public what’s the difference? You are allowing the public to see you. You have been recorded all day already,” added another.

And a third remarked: “But you’re videoing him then putting it on the Internet???”

Still, numerous fellow TikTokers were quick to call out the critics, with one saying: “If you think sneaking pictures of someone is OK you need help.”

Another said: “No way are people actually defending those creeps.”


TikTok’s community guidelines on abusive behaviour state: “We remove all expressions of abuse, including threats or degrading statements intended to mock, humiliate, embarrass, intimidate, or hurt an individual.”

indy100 has contacted the social media firm and Dabrielle for comment.

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