Men and women reveal what they really think about sex

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If you want to really know what really goes through a member of the opposite sex's head - you're in luck.

Thanks to the gargantuan font of knowledge that is the internet, there are plenty of places you can find anecdotes and insights into what might be crossing your partner's mind.

Or you could just ask them...

Here are a few of the most interesting, organisationally brutal and often NSFW posts we found on the subject.

You have been warned.

Jason Motta, a 30-year-old living in New York, wrote about what goes on in men's heads on Thought Catalog.

He said:

Men don't mind players

It turns out women can get away with murder (figuratively speaking), apparently.

Motta wrote: "You could be the evilest bitch in the world and have the worst intentions for the relationship, and we would willingly turn a blind eye if you were playing us right."

And the 'playing' can start anytime - regardless if you have evil intentions or not - according to Melanie Berliet, because...

Foreplay starts in the morning, for women

She writes on Thought Catalog that foreplay "is an all-day, every day phenomenon" that starts with a complement in the morning.

No matter how much of a feminist they are, men will sometime want to objectify you

Jason Motta explains: "There is something so beautiful about women that we have a hard time comprehending that you exist in the same universe as we do. Of course, we understand on an intellectual and day-to-day level that we’re exactly the same. But in the rapture of sex—the way you move your body, the majesty of your bones, skin, and curves—we elevate you to goddesses. And the halo of this experience hangs for a long time, which is why we sometimes feel the need to objectify you."

We're equally flattered and insulted at the same time.

But, some women actually want to be objectified

Only in the bedroom, Melanie Berliet explains. But it might be worth a try, because there's a chance we won't assume you're a misogynistic prick if you do.

Although, women are not so hot on the dirty talk

Men's Health did a massive survey of what women do and don't like in bed - and found that a lot of women think the pressure to talk dirty gets in the way of a good orgasm. So keep the vocals to non-words, please.

Men fantasise a lot, and about your friends

Paul, a 36-year-old doctor, confessed to Marie Claire that:

"Like most men, I have fantasised about some of my wife’s friends, even though I don’t particularly fancy any of them in real life. I wouldn’t dream of telling her, as I can’t emphasise enough how little it means."

He also says men fantasise about pretty much every other woman, too.

"I think it’s almost automatic for men to imagine sex with most reasonably attractive women they meet."

Women need to like a man's penis

Motta writes: "We want you to worship our penis. Primordially our dicks are our manhood and if you can’t even pretend you’re excited by it, then we aren’t going to be that much into the sex."

And men have some very sick thoughts

All men watch porn, Motta says... "and the guys that don’t watch it are normally f*cking anything that moves every night at a bar. We think about doing the most twisted things to you and from time to time we’re even surprised by just how depraved we are."

But so do women

Berliet says women wat to get weird, too: "Don’t assume you’re special for having so many depraved thoughts."

Men care about your orgasm

At last, some good news.

Motta writes: "It’s safe to say most guys care about making a woman orgasm because we earnestly feel like a man if we can get you off. Your pleasure is more about our ego than…well…your pleasure. It’s a power trip."

But in order to get there, men need to slow it down

The Men's Health survey also found that one of a women's biggest complaints is that men need to spend more time on oral sex, and be slower and more gentle.

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