Man deliberately destroys his home to test his girlfriend and it immediately backfires

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A messy flat is not something to be proud of, nor should it be used as a barometer to gauge whether someone is suitable for marriage.

However, this was one man's ultimately flawed plan to actually test whether he should marry his girlfriend.

Introducing @VJBritemanLive, aka The Liveman, who felt that if his girlfriend tidied up his messy home he would consider her as genuine marriage material.

It didn't go well.

His tweet soon went viral and people were more than happy to point out how problematic, unfair and sexist his plan was.

He did later confirm that he did make the mess on purpose but didn't back down from his assertion that his 'test' was entirely justified.

Yet, is a satisfying plot twist he soon got his comeuppance after his girlfriend (who blatantly isn't on Twitter) was shown the tweet and promptly kicked him to the curb.

A collective sense of unity and celebration soon followed in the comments.

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