A footballer tried to chat up a former porn star. Big mistake

Mia Khalifa

Former porn star Mia Khalifa dramatically humiliated a college American footballer last month when he attempted to slide into her DMs.

Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly - who calls himself 'Swag Kelly' - ended up deleting his Twitter account after the Florida State Seminoles fan publicly disclosed his direct messages on Twitter.

Kelly deleted his Twitter account briefly after the tweet, which occurred shortly after Ole Miss lost 45-34 to Florida State.

It appears Chad Kelly has since reactivated his account and has since made a second go of it.

He's been shamed a second time, too.

Safe to say, Chad probably won't be trying a third time. Surely?

Mia Khalifa, from Beirut in Lebanon, retired from the porn industry in July of this year aged 23, to shift her focus to promoting sports teams.

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