Middle-aged woman goes viral for ‘iconic’ anti-Trump crusade captured on video

A middle-aged woman has gone viral after energetically sharing her progressive political views from her porch.

Jean-Marie, 51, van be seen celebrating gay pride, Black Lives Matter, women’s rights and science in a TikTok video posted by her daughter.

Standing on her Long Island porch, Jean-Marie shouts:

Black lives do f*****g matter. Science is real. Love is love b***h. Gay pride, OK?

She continues:

Women's rights is human rights. And the virus is not a hoax.

The video has now been viewed more than 1.8m times and has almost 500,000 likes. In the video, Jean-Marie is wearing a t-shirt with ‘8645’ on it.

According to Urban Dictionary, it’s a “sneaky way to illustrate one’s support of getting rid of Trump”.

The comment section was filled with Tik Tokkers showing their support for the middle-aged woman.

One user wrote: “What a queen.” Another wrote: "Queen, Iconic Woman." One user even wrote: “I’m voting her for president.”

Jean-Marie 2024, anyone?

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