The funniest memes about ‘growing concrete’ in reaction to Mike Graham’s viral talkRadio interview

The funniest memes about ‘growing concrete’ in reaction to Mike Graham’s viral talkRadio interview

One word has been on the mouths of the British media for the past 24 hours: Concrete.

Yes, this common, unavoidable, brutalist and dare-we-say essential building material (just watch Grand Designs) has been the talk of the internet all thanks to a car crash interview that took place on Tuesday on talkRadio.

The station’s breakfast host Mike Graham was all set to interview a spokesperson from the climate activist group Insulate Britain named Cameron Ford, who worked professionally as a carpenter.

The conversation got off to a bad start and only got worse from there as Graham tried to argue that carpentry wasn’t good for the environment because it involved cutting down trees.

As Ford correctly argued, timber is a much more sustainable material than something like concrete as you can grow more trees. In a moment that is likely to go down in British media history, Graham responded by claiming that “you can grow concrete.”

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This already legendary response was greeted with pure silence by Ford and the interview was swiftly brought to an end but it wasn’t the end of this story, which has since gone viral racking up more than 8 million views on Twitter.

As a result, the word concrete and everything associated with the building material has become the perfect topic for memes, with many people joking that their concrete seeds have shot up in the last few months and blossomed into beautiful big car parks and tower blocks.

In fairness, talkRadio and Graham appear to have embraced this absurd viral moment. Firstly they shared an article from New Scientist about an experimental type of concrete that is grown from bacteria.

Graham then doubled down on his claims by telling his colleague Jeremy Kyle that concrete does indeed ‘grow’ because it ‘expands.’

They even have a poll running on their Twitter account asking if you can grow concrete. One of the options is ‘metaphorically, yes.’

What a time to be alive.

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